From Basics to Brilliance: How India’s National Education Policy 2020 is Transforming Foundational Learning and Literacy

In a world that’s rapidly advancing through technological breakthroughs and dynamic shifts, where progress is marked by the relentless evolution of ideas, a country’s true strength doesn’t solely reside in its physical resources. Instead, it’s the intellect it cultivates, the minds it nurtures, that truly define its potential.   The National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) […]

Sona’s dreams to give back to the community

Sona*, 21 years of age, lives with her family in one of Firozabad’s identified slums in Uttar Pradesh. In this community, about 80% of the households are home-based bangle workers, it has been their livelihood for more than two hundred years and are the biggest manufacturers of glass bangles in the world. Sona and her […]

Every Community Needs a Vijay : From Small Steps to Big Impact

“Your job is very risky,’’ my family always keeps telling me.   “Every day I wake up with one aim, to prevent conflicts between humans and animals, to save more lives. Despite of all the risks, I am proud of what I do,’’ Vijay said to the ChildFund team with a smile.    Vijay’s job is not […]

Full Marks for Harini in English!

Harini, a 15-year-old girl from Hyderabad, lives in a small makeshift house with a thatched roof with her parents. Although the parents barely make enough…

Rebuilding Lives and Vineyard, One Step at a Time

Namita and Tapan are a middle-aged couple with two children in a hamlet in 24 South Parganas district in the backwaters of Sunderbans, West Bengal. The couple and their children were previously engaged in daily-wage jobs but they decided to leave it behind and set up betel leaf farming in their 1/5th acre land a […]