A study conducted by ChildFund India in 2008 revealed that annually more than 10,000 children were trafficked across the border from Udaipur District and neighboring areas of Rajasthan State into Gujarat to work on cross-pollination work in BT cotton fields. The study brought to light the inhuman conditions under which these children were transported and housed. In partnership with ChildFund Deutschland and with support from BMZ: Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany, ChildFund India initiated a program to end this child trafficking.

This project is being implemented in 50 villages of Udaipur district in the state of Rajasthan, and 1 block of Sabarkantha district in Gujarat.

Project Objective:

This project aims to reduce the vulnerability of local communities in Udaipur district, and to capacitate, sensitise and institutionalise stakeholders dealing with prevention of trafficking– police, lawyers, NGOs, government and administration. It also seeks to provide alternate livelihood/income generation options to  the vulnerable families.

Main Achievements

  • Our awareness campaigns have reached out to more than 20, 000 villagers, 10,000 children and 50 school in 50 villages, our campaign van was featured in the Independence Day parade in Udaipur in 2014.
  • Five girls from the project have been awarded by the Rajasthan government for fighting the cause of Child Trafficking.
  • Ten Vigilance Squads, comprising 135 members, have been formed to prevent child trafficking in the community. These Vigilance Squads have saved 20 children from being trafficked. On several occasions, their initiatives have foiled trafficking bids with the help of police and Child Welfare Committee. One of the squad members has been elected as a panchayat member..
  • Training of 138 police personnel and 137 lawyers has reduced the response time of the formal system. A group of lawyers from Udaipur, who underwent one such training, has set up a forum to provide free legal assistance to victims and families.
  • 60 media professionals from Udaipur and nearby districts have been sensitised through two training and sensitisation workshops.
  • A series of multi-stakeholder interactions have been organized in Udaipur, resulting in the formation of a district level network. The network involves 30 NGOs working in the District, Lawyers, Media Personnel and Academicians, Child Welfare Committees (CWCs), and District child Protection units participated in the network meeting.
  • Over 375 youths have successfully completed skill trainings on various skills and more than 50% of them have an enhanced income today. For the first time a batch of 45 female youths from the project location have completed one month residential training in tailoring and embroidery in Udaipur city. Vigilance squad members successfully motivated families to send their daughters/daughters-in-law for the residential training programme.