The under-utilization of human capacity caused by deprivation of books prevents many children from achieving their full potential and contributing fully to society. ChildFund India’s baseline study in 2010, conducted in Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh and Daltonganj district of Jharkhand, showed that only 25 % of children perform at the desired school level.

The Reading Improvement Program was initiated  to improve the academic and intellectual performance of each child in target areas. Children were supported for qualitative improvement of academic performance and also for other life skills like listening, speaking etc.

“Books, my Friends” was conceived as a campaign to help children aged 6-14 years, from marginalized communities, improve their learning abilities by discovering the joy of reading at an early age. The campaign’s mission is to motivate children to read by giving them access to age-appropriate books and reading resources, and working with them to make reading a fun and beneficial part of their daily lives.


Campaign Highlights:

Providing Access

More than 40,000 reading bags, containing joyful reading books, have been distributed among 1,15,000 children. Community libraries are being set up in rural government schools as well as Mobile libraries are being introduced in semi-urban/slum areas to a dedicated space for reading

Creating a Supportive Environment:

Parents and communities are involved in the campaign to create a supportive learning environment. Parents’ clubs help children to enjoy reading. School management committees, ChildFund community animators and local partners continuously organize programs to sustain the joyful reading environment.

Removing Barriers:

ChildFund India giving solar lamps to overcome poor power supply to each family in rural areas. Parents are being trained to maintain their lamps and chargers.

Sparking Discussion:

ChildFund India has ignited a larger conversation around children’s reading levels to advocate for the issue and is  also plans to organizing events and discussions at regional, state and national levels for dissemination of lessons and best practices from the campaign.

Way Forward

  • These government schools with libraries in some of our implementation areas will be solarized, transformed into model schools. Starting with one school in Udaipur district and another in Daltangunj district.
  • Through Corporate partnerships, these Mobile libraries will also get solarized.