Consultation on Child-Friendly Accountability: Achieving SDG 16.2 in Delhi on 8th Feb 2017

ChildFund Alliance, in collaboration with other child-focused agencies and supportive governments, played a key role in positioning a stand-alone target (Sub-Goal 16.2) on violence against children in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. This target aims to ‘end abuse, exploitation, trafficking and all forms of violence against and torture of children’ –

The 2030 Development Agenda clearly prioritizes bottom-up accountability and recognizes children as critical agents of change, and commits platforms to channel their infinite capacities for activism into creating a safer world.

Creating an Action Plan

Translating the opportunity into action, ChildFund has adopted Child-Friendly Accountability (CFA) as a strategic priority to support children and their communities in monitoring child protection systems. The process empowers children to meaningfully participate in ensuring that those charged with protecting children’s rights discharge their responsibility in accordance with international human rights law, and if they do not or cannot, children and their representatives have some recourse.

ChildFund India and Christian Children’s Fund of Canada are committed to working with the government, UN entities, civil society organizations, as well as children and young people to ensure an inclusive, open and transparent forum to reduce children’s vulnerability and strengthen their role in ending violence against children.

Taking the Next Step

ChildFund Alliance members in India – ChildFund India, Christian Children’s Fund of Canada and EUDUCO are jointly launching a national level initiative, introducing the Child-Friendly Accountability Framework in India. The Framework outlines strategies and tools to help children examine the progress in national efforts, to eliminate all forms of neglect, abuse, exploitation and violence against children.

The Way Forward

ChildFund India in association with ChildFund Alliance, Christian Children’s Fund of Canada and EDUCO is organizing a Consultation on Child-Friendly Accountability: Achieving Sustainable Development Goals to End Violence against Children in India on 8th Feb 2017 in Delhi.

The sessions at the consultation will feature leading voices from ministries, UN agencies, national and international NGOs, academia, the private sector, and will include children and young adults.

The consultation aims,

  • To develop a shared understanding between key stakeholders on the way forward to achieve SDGs Target 16.2.
  • Provide a platform for sharing and learning of the best practices across different sectors participating toward achieving SDGs’ commitment on ‘Ending Violence against Children’ – in the Global and the Indian Context.
  • Introduce ChildFund’s Child-Friendly Accountability methodology
  • Receive feedback and input on the methodology
  • Develop a more informed understanding of current and planned monitoring and accountability related to SDG Target 16.2
  • Explore the potential for adopting a common approach to Child-Friendly Accountability. Scope of Collaborations for a National Impact.