Cyclone Fani, the worst India has seen in decades, rampages through Odisha leaving trail of destruction rendering thousands homeless and taking away the livestock and their livelihood along the way.

Hundreds and thousands of children have been impacted, their houses and schools have been destroyed, families have lost most of their belongings, there is limited medical care.

ChildFund India’s team is on the ground actively participating in the rescue and relief operations. Thousands of families and children are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance for shelter and hygiene items. Children are in dire need of Educational material and support to recover from the trauma. Our effort is to bring normalcy back into the lives of these children.

With your support, we will be reaching over 15,000 survivors including 6,000 children from two districts namely Puri and Kendrapara with,

  • Emergency relief support in the form of Compact family kits consisting of hygiene items, tarpaulin, household items, mosquito net, etc.
  • Education kits for children
  • Establishing Child Centred Spaces
  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene interventions

Please support generously towards rehabilitation of the affected children and families in Odisha.

Join our mission to #SAVELIVES and #REBUILDODISHA