ChildFund’s fight against COVID-19
Fighting the 2nd wave, Getting Ready for the 3rd

ChildFund is working in marginalized regions in 15 states against COVID-19’s devastating effects; prepares to protect children from a potential third wave

India is facing a humanitarian crisis. The second wave has overwhelmed the healthcare system leaving the hospitals struggling to cope with the shortage of medical essentials. Just as how ChildFund in India responded to COVID-19’s first wave, once again, we decided to go out and support communities that need it the most.

ChildFund strives to reach at least 10 million people through its overall response. We will ensure 1 million people, including children, have access to vaccination drives across 15 states/UTs.

Through our response, ChildFund is supporting government healthcare centers with essential medical equipment and supplies to help them serve as COVID Care centers, providing frontline workers with PPE and essential medical kits and training ASHA workers. We are supporting the most marginalized communities with food, hygiene and psychosocial support and improving the affordability and accessibility of the COVID -19 vaccination and related materials to all. ChildFund, in coordination with local governments, is undertaking communication campaigns for community-level awareness around COVID-19, its prevention and management, myths and misconceptions and vaccines.

ChildFund will continue to support livelihood restoration and ensure food security for marginalized families that have been economically affected by the pandemic. So far, ChildFund has started response activities to mitigate the crisis that arose during the COVID-19 second wave in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi.

According to the scientific community, there may be a potential third wave of COVID-19. Children and adolescents may be the next vulnerable group in this wave. A State Bank of India report suggests that if we are not prepared, the third wave might be equally devastating as the second wave. It is critical that we, together, protect India’s children.

Therefore, ChildFund seeks support and partnerships to ensure the availability of child-friendly COVID care centers and medical equipment at Urban Pediatric COVID treatment centers. Additionally, we must prepare existing community systems to manage and safeguard the well-being of COVID-19 affected children.

We are partnering with NDTV in a 2-hour telethon to raise money for setting up fully-equipped child-friendly COVID care centres, vaccination drive and ensuring food security. The telethon, hosted by Dr Prannoy Roy, will bring together some of the biggest names in the healthcare ecosystem, including healthcare professionals, policy-makers, global experts, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Health  Advisory  Groups and other top-level Administrators.

Currently, more than 500 people from ChildFund are engaged in the COVID-19 relief work on the ground. They are helping state and district health departments, corporates and community-based frontline workers to extend support efficiently.

During the 1st COVID-19 wave, ChildFund India supported 1.5 million people with relief material, livelihood recovery opportunities, psychosocial support, necessary medical aid and timely updates on government announcements related to COVID-19 and scientific information for prevention from the disease.

We are thankful for the support of our partners, funders, and individuals who have helped the most marginalized people in India. But as you know, the need is enormous and resources limited.

Therefore, we need more support to keep this fight going. Your contribution can help millions of children, their families, and communities stay safe and healthy during this pandemic. You can click here to donate and save lives!