Programme and policies aligned with international treaties

India is an official signatory to many international treaties (UNCRC etc.). ChildFund India’s programme and policies are aligned and contributory to these commitments. Our ethos, work and structure are guided by these values.

Cross-learning and scaling up

From time to time ChildFund India shares its experiences and learning at international forums. It participates in discussions and planning processes that enable the international community to benefit from cross-learning, and customize and scale up development solutions.

Strong advocate of children issues

As part of ChildFund International, ChildFund India is recognized for embracing children’s issues. It empowers ChildFund India to advocate at international forums.

Towards Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

ChildFund India has contributed significantly to India’s commitment towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals. Its programs have consistently focused on education, maternal and child health (including child mortality), partnership, HIV/AIDS and other diseases, eradication of poverty, gender equality and women’s empowerment, and building global partnership for developmental work.