Khilta Bachpan Campaign

Khilta Bachpan is an innovative initiative by ChildFund India to provide children aged 6-18 years in underserved communities, access to art education, in order to promote cognitive, social and emotional learning, encourage creative expression and inculcate in them appreciation for the richness and diversity of arts in India, while giving them a platform and an opportunity to “ENGAGE. EXPRESS. EMPOWER!”

Where: In 60 government primary and upper primary schools in low income communities of Delhi, while simultaneously, expanding to over 2000 schools across the country, in the 15 states where ChildFund India is currently running its long term programs.

The Rationale

Children these days find it difficult to develop social skills like sharing, coping-up with negative emotions, team work, appreciating diversity and critical thinking etc. Studies say that acquisition of these skills is becoming increasingly difficult for children because they do not get sufficient opportunities and platforms for expressing themselves in a healthy manner through various creative forms. There is also a rise in the aggression levels experienced by children these days. If aggression does not get a timely outlet it could express itself against others or one's own self in the form of an outburst of violence as well as turn into depression or apathy.

National Curriculum Framework (2005) recommends a dedicated period every day in schools for children to understand and practice art, and proposes forums like weekly Bal Sabha in schools where children can showcase their talents through various activities.

Various Policy documents have recommended arts education as an area of immense importance for the overall development of the children. Report of the education Commission (1952-53) emphasised on “the release of creative energy among the students so that they may be able to appreciate cultural heritage and cumulative rich interests, which they can pursue in their leisure and later in life”.

The Kothari commission too stated “The neglect of arts in education impoverishes the educational process and leads to decline of aesthetic tastes and values”.

How it will Help

Art is known to be healing and meditative for children and teachers. It is inspiring and allows a different kind of space for free and creative expression. It builds self-confidence, develops listening skills and an ability to work from part-to-whole. Art education provides students with avenues and platforms to creatively express themselves, channelize their energies positively and experience joy in doing so. This initiative aims to achieve the following:

  • Building fine motor and problem solving skills
  • Enhancing communication and expression
  • Promoting self-esteem and motivation to succeed.

How it Works

The campaign works closely with government schools to improve, expand and equitably distribute arts instruction. It enables the creation of an art-friendly atmosphere through a) advocacy for appointment of a dedicated art teacher (as mandated under the RTE), b) appointment of a teacher in each school as the point teacher for art education till a dedicated teacher is appointed and c) deployment of trained art education facilitators in schools who support the teacher in conducting the activities with children, including facilitating Bal Sabhas.

Components of the Project

  • Establishing Art corners in the government schools and Developing package of art education for children
  • Creating, reviving and activating platforms for children to practice various forms of art on a regular basis and showcase their talents.
  • Engage local artistes in promoting appreciation for arts among children.
  • Advocacy for mainstreaming of art education in schools.
  • Sensitizing the community and School Management Committees on importance of art education.
  • Capacitate and train point teachers for sustainability of the campaign.