Mission Convergence is an initiative of the Delhi Government aimed at social justice, equity and empowerment of the marginalized and underprivileged sections of society, leading to their inclusive growth and all round development. Women are central to this program, with focused interventions designed for their economic, social and psychological empowerment.

Under this initiative, Mother NGOs (MNGOs) was a collaborative effort of ChildFund India and the government, wherein ChildFund India was chosen to facilitate, guide, supervise, monitor and evaluate the functioning of 65 field NGOs (FNGOs) located in six districts of Delhi since 2011. These 65 field NGOs were equipped to function as a Gender Resource Center- Suvidha Kendras.

ChildFund India performed the following roles in leading and guiding this network:

  • Coordinated and facilitated the execution of the work of field NGOs.
  • Provided technical assistance in areas such as health, Self Help Groups, nutrition, legal literacy and livelihood generation through regular training and orientation to the FNGOs and to the group’s beneficiaries.
  • Assisted the participating NGOs to establish and maintain linkages with all the concerned government departments and non-government agencies.
  • Ensured FNGOs maintain regular and accurate reports of their work, Evaluate and maintain a computerized archive for follow-ups; and also Developed a computerized database to cross-check for discrepancies.
  • Guided the implementing organizations in maintaining project accounts.
  • Monitored their performance by scrutinizing the progress reports, visits to GRCs and verification with the beneficiaries.
  • Oversaw the completion of project closure formalities by the field NGOs.