All aspects of a child’s life are interconnected. ChildFund India’s approach mirrors this interconnectedness, providing an integrated package of evidence-based services that address all elements needed for a child’s long-term well-being. That is the reason why its programs support children from birth to age 24. ChildFund India implements and supports locally led, community based initiatives that strengthen families and communities, helping them break the cycle of poverty and protect the rights of their children.

We see children as energetic agents of change and their experiences shape our policies. Our programs provide essential healthcare support, quality education and livelihood skills, on rights bedrock of child protection, gender equity and disaster management.

  • For infants and young children aged 0 to 5, programs focus on ensuring improved nutrition, health, safety and early learning experiences. Also known as the Life stage 1 program, this intervention addresses health and nutrition of women, adolescents and children. It prepares the community to practice safe motherhood, be aware of relevant government schemes, boost antenatal care and institutional delivery, reduce child malnutrition and increase the participation of children aged 3-5 in Early Childhood Development Services.
  • Programs for children and young adolescents aged 6 to 14, focus on increased learning, health, positive relationships with peers and adults, and skills for active participation in family, school and community life. Upon crossing age 5, children shift to the Life stage 2 program where the focus is on providing quality education. Moving beyond the four walls of the school classroom, it strengthens community structures and institutions. Child Clubs, Child Parliaments, Child Welfare Committees, Child Resource Centers, Mothers Groups, Youth Resource Centers and Youth Clubs are some of the forums that play a catalytic role.
  • Programs for youth aged 15 to 24, focus on life and livelihood skills, sexual and reproductive health, civic engagement and leadership. Once children cross age 14, they enter Life Stage 3. The goal here is to create skilled and involved youth. We believe this stage in children’s lives is a time of critical transition to adulthood. They are at tremendous pressure to manage physiological, mental, emotional and psychological changes. Our interventions help them explore newness, ensure secured life and livelihood, and prepare them for responsive parenthood.