Vidya is a ChildFund India innovation towards ensuring quality primary education. This program focuses on strengthening the capacity of teachers and School Management Committees, create a conducive atmosphere in the classroom and encourage community participation in schools. Being implemented in close collaboration with the local government, the project works through Block Development Offices that carry out various activities in the community.

Project Objective

To help primary school children in Ranka block of Garwa district and in Satbarwa block of Palamu district in the state of Jharkhand achieve grade appropriate learning levels in language and math.

Target Groups

ChildFund India aims to work with more than 7,000 primary school children, both boys and girls. Close to 245 government school teachers and 800 community members would be capacitated. Community members in the catchment area of the 80 schools will benefit from an increasing awareness of education.

Major accomplishments

Child friendly curriculum and methodology have been developed in schools and are being used by teachers in 280 schools.

80 child learning centers are functional in the schools.

800 school management committee members have been educated and made aware of their roles and responsibilities in enhancing the education of their children. They are working as the key monitors of the schools (as envisaged in government plan). With continued support from Committee members, parents send their children to school, and demand for regular classes.

School improvement plans have been developed by 80 school management committees;