ChildFund India’s Response to #COVID19 Crisis

As India continues the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the isolation, lockdown, and suppressed economic activity have hurt families around the country, adversely impacting the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children and communities.

During the initial months, families in villages and urban slums struggled to get food, basic hygiene items to maintain COVID-19 safety and healthcare. People lost their livelihoods; many, living in crowded conditions had nowhere to go, leaving them more susceptible to COVID-19 infection.

We continue to work hard to prevent COVID-19 spread in communities through WASH intervention and support children and families who are desperately in need of lifesaving support including educational and livelihood support. During the first phase of our response to this pandemic, we ramped up our efforts to help ensure that vulnerable communities have adequate resources and clear guidance on their use. Following the guidelines by the Government of India, ChildFund has been taking appropriate and proactive steps to protect children, communities, our partners at the grassroots, and staff from this global pandemic, in 15 operational states across the country.

ChildFund’s COVID-19 Relief & Recovery:

We launched our response to fight the COVID-19 crisis on a national level. Through our response efforts, we have supported over 4,00,000 people, across the country, in the past year through relief and recovery actions. ChildFund distributed food baskets and hygiene kits to most vulnerable families to ensure food security and family safety. ChildFund also ensured the safety of Frontline Workers through front-line workers kit and by working closely with the local district administration.

As part of ChildFund’s initial response, we also collaborated with community leaders and local authorities to ensure only correct and adequate information regarding COVID-19 is reaching the communities to reduce panic, supported the Government by tracking people with relevant travel history in their locations, and advised returnees to self-quarantine. In case of suspected COVID-19 infection, required support has been provided to the child and family. Field staff was providing remote educational support to children and youth through online apps and telecommunication amid this crisis and connecting families with government schemes related to this emergency.

To support children from marginalized communities continue education and learning despite the digital divide, ChildFund rolled out “Inter-Generational Coping and Learning (IGCL)”; a kit that focused on home-based learning and coping support for the children and their families, across operational regions in India. It helped families spend quality time together while learning, creating, and interacting with each other to create an emotionally healthy and invigorating atmosphere at home. Now that the lockdown norms have been relaxed, and schools still continue to remain closed, we have started neighborhood classes. Our specially designed Neighborhood Class Kit enables our facilitators and government teachers to design classes for multi-level learning in Language and Maths. They organize these classes, 2-3 times a week, for 10-15 children who gather in an open space nearby their homes, where they spend at least two hours learning and interacting with their friends and teachers.

While the Indian economy gradually strengthens post the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, many vulnerable families, mostly marginal farmers, and unskilled labor, are still struggling to find economic stability. We are providing them with livelihood recovery support by giving agricultural support like seeds, organic manure, tools for farming, and other support such as poultry with training so that the families can get back to normalcy.

But as you know the need is large and resources limited, we need your support to keep this fight going. Your contribution can help thousands of children, their families, and communities stay safe & healthy during this pandemic. You can click here to donate and save lives!

Every preventive action helps and every one of us can make a difference. That includes every child in our programs, every member of their families, us, and you.

Let's stand together to support each other!

Product Details for support:

Family hygiene kit Quantity Food Basket Quantity Frontline Worker’s Kit Quantity
Hand sanitizer 100 ml Rice / Atta 15 kgs Thermometer for ASHA 1
Mask 5 nos. Dal 1 kg MASK -95 1
Soap 5 nos. Oil 1 ltr Mental health IEC For 1 village
Disinfectant 250 ml spray Sugar 1 kg Awareness materials on COVID-19 For 1 village
Bleaching powder 250 gm pack Iodized Salt 1 kg
Handkerchief 5 nos. Turmeric Powder 200 gm
Chili Powder 200 gm
Garam Masala Powder 200 gm