Change Begins with YOU!

Your one step can change a child’s life

SDGs Covered

Campaign Rationale

Children are the agents of change and it is of utmost importance that we as a society encourage, educate and prepare them to be responsible adults. In this regard, imbibing great values including empathy, compassion and respect for others in children is significant to bring lasting and positive change in society. On this account, our campaign ‘Change Begins with You’ engages schools and their students in advocacy, volunteering and fundraising activities to support children from low-income families to lead healthy lives and become educated and responsible citizens. The campaign inspires children to become positive role models who would instigate the flurry of positive change in society.

Through this campaign, we aim to ensure that –

  • Every child gets the education they deserve
  • Every child grows in a safe environment within their community
  • They learn to value and appreciate what they have
  • They inspire change through sharing
  • Children transform into active and responsible citizens

Case Study

“ChildFund India transformed our school into a SMART school. We now have a digital classroom, a computer room, a laboratory, a library, toilets and water filters. We also have a lot of sports material and music kits in the school. I improved my grades through e-learning classes. I love the audio-visual classes because they help me to understand better. I can now remember lessons for a longer period, which I couldn’t earlier. I also love interactive sessions with my teachers after class. We learn a lot of other interesting things apart from our syllabus. My friends and I don’t miss classes anymore because school is no longer boring.” – shared 9-year-old Bharani, a grade-4 government school student from Andhra Pradesh.

There are many more Bharanis, with dreams in their eyes, who with your little support can shine bright.

Helping Children to Build Positive Attitudes.