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ChildFund’s existence is built on the principle of partnership – learning and sharing knowledge, expertise, and best practices to create dynamic working relationships that help us expand our reach, achieve maximum and sustainable impact, grow, and innovate. We have significantly invested in strengthening these partnerships. Our unparalleled longstanding community presence and direct implementation projects in India ensure that our holistic interventions foster an enabling environment where children can grow to their fullest potential. We have been appreciably successful in establishing relations with relevant stakeholders including the communities we work with, district, state and national government bodies, academic institutions, media, funding agencies, like-minded individuals, and corporates to strengthen our systems and bring about long-lasting change.
We have a strategic focus while going forward, collaborating with Financial/Non-financial/Technical organizations and individuals, who align with and are committed to working for our children, at different levels of Central, State, and Community. At the central level, the focus is to create visibility as a credible partner/collaborator, to advocate for absorbing the proven/tested program models in each of the thematic areas, showcasing our contribution to National Goals and SDGs. At the State level, we are working towards establishing ourselves as a key stakeholder (as part of the ecosystem) in up-scaling and achieving the program goals strategically, creating a niche in the state-level ‘policy review and decision-making committees’, supporting the state for achieving and sustaining the National Goals and SDGs. At the Community level, we continue to strengthen community empowerment and ownership to facilitate accessing schemes and entitlements, community-led sustainable approaches to growth and development, leveraging and linking to access need-based support/services.

We call out like-minded organizations and agencies to collaborate, co-create and co-invest.

Below are some of the partners who have or have been extending their support towards achieving our mutual goals –

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