ChildFund’s journey in India started in 1951 with supporting the Alwaye Settlement School in Kerala. Our aim then was to provide education and opportunities to its 30 students belonging to the most marginalized sections of the society. Seven decades later, this intervention has grown into a nationwide movement, annually reaching more than 4 million children and their families across hundreds of communities in 14 states!
1951 – ChildFund Arrives in India
We started supporting 30 orphan and single-parent children at the Alwaye Settlement School, a boarding school in Kerala. By 1972, the school was home to more than 300 students.
1966 – Establishes the first office in Bengaluru
We established our office in Bengaluru to better guide the work on the ground, which was rapidly expanding to other states as well.
1971 – Focus shifts from individual to community development
We changed our approach of focusing on the development of individual children, towards supporting, strengthening and empowering families to take care of their children.
1984 – The Birth of ChildFund India
ChildFund India was registered as an Indian NGO under the Societies Registration Act to have a strong local organization, which would operate with local management and governance.
1991 – Impacts 3,30,000+ lives
By 1991, we were working on 156 projects across 12 states and had impacted 3,30,000+ children and their families.
1996 – Ensures 56,000 polio vaccinations in a single day celebrating the National Immunization Day
And we continue to this day! Since three decades we have been organizing essential vaccination drives to reach millions of marginalized women and children in India.
2006 – Creates and empowers Self-Help Groups benefitting 66,000+ marginalized families
Since then, we have continued to create and empower thousands of Self-Help Groups (SHGs) across India through micro-finance and microbusinesses, helping millions of families break free from intergenerational cycle of poverty.
2008 – Commences the longest-running government association

Since the past 13 years, as the lead implementing partner of National AIDS Control Organization’s (NACO) ‘Link Worker Scheme’, we have been ensuring treatment adherence of patients and providing nutritional baskets as well as counseling to individuals, families and communities in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

2010 – Impacts 1 million children & their families
As we reached the mark of impacting 1 million lives, our focus evolved from family-support programs to child-centered community development because we believe that for a child to thrive, its surroundings must thrive too.
2014 – Shifts to focused approaches to cater to ever-evolving needs of children

We formulated 'Theory of Change' with focused approaches to cater to ever evolving needs of children at different stages of their lives, bringing sustainable changes with support from relevant stakeholders.

2018 – Launches world’s first domestically funded SDG bond; forays into innovative financing models
Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) bond with Grameen Impact Investments India was launched in 2018 to support 2000 marginalized women become microentrepreneurs and in 2019, a Health Impact Bond with USAID India and IPE Global was launched, with support of the Madhya Pradesh government, to improve nutritional status of TB patients.
2021 – Aides 10 million+ people with 19-month-long COVID-19 Response efforts

By November 2021, we reached 10+ million children and people through our multifaceted COVID-19 Response efforts. 

And the journey continues…