From Youth Leader To Public Service: Nandini’s Inspiring Story


Nandini recalls her involvement in ChildFund’s Youth Clubs as a pivotal moment in her life. Through active participation and leadership roles, she cultivated essential life skills, received mentorship, and engaged in initiatives aimed at driving impactful change in her community.  


Born into a family with severe economic constraints, Nandini along with her siblings faced the reality of an uncertain future. Her family, consisting of her parents and two younger siblings, relied on her father’s seasonal labour in the local fishing industry, providing only about 15 working days each month and a modest daily wage. Her mother devoted her days to nurturing their children and taking care of the household. The family’s financial challenges put Nandini and her siblings at risk of missing out on access to necessities such as nutrition, healthcare, and education. Eager to provide a better future for their children, Nandini’s parents enrolled her in the program.  


Through the committed support from the donors, Nandini got the opportunity to grow up healthy and educated. Her education was paid for through the program which allowed her parents to reallocate their resources to her siblings.  

Nandini’s unwavering determination and support from the donor supported Child Development Program enabled her not only to complete her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mathematics but also set her sights on a career in the civil services. 


Armed with resilience and guided by her relentless pursuit of excellence, Nandini embarked on a rigorous journey of preparation for the civil services examination. For the next two years, Nandini worked hard and persevered preparing for one of the most difficult competitive exams. In addition to the coaching classes, she continued to receive expert guidance including access to reference materials under the ChildFund program. As a result of her hard work, Nandini cleared the examination in her first attempt. She secured the position of Junior Assistant at a District Court. Today, Nandini has successfully completed all necessary procedures and counselling required for joining and has received her appointment letter. 


As a young dynamic leader, she will make a great addition to the public service sector contributing to the progress and growth of our nation. Her story is a testament to the transformative impact of empowerment through education and will inspire many young people from her community, particularly young girls who are in circumstances like Nandini’s during her early years.  

*name changed 

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