ChildFund India Approach

ChildFund India takes a life-stage long-term approach to create opportunities for children, youth, and families with limited resources and in need to empower themselves. We support children from birth and stay with them till the age of 24 years, ensuring that they become adults who bring positive change to their communities. Also, we promote to establish societies that value, protect, and advance the worth and rights of children.

Our ‘Theory of Change’ puts the child at the center of all we do and considers the different layers of potential support and risk to children. This helps us to direct our work and engage with children, families, and communities to ensure the healthy growth and development of children, strengthen institutions, and advocate for broader reform and social change.

We believe that a child needs an enabling environment to thrive, which is created at multiple levels including family, community, institution, national and international.


At the national level, we collaborate with families, communities, local partners, national organizations and the government to form a collective effort that promotes and protects the well-being of children who experience deprivation, exclusion and vulnerability. At the same time, we contribute to broader advocacy efforts that focus on changing and updating existing policies and recommending policies where these do not exist. Also, we propose improvements in government budgeting and implementation so that the effects of positive policies are felt by vulnerable children in all communities.

Changing Lives, One Person at a Time.