Youth in Green Skills for a Transformative Future

Sustainable development is becoming more and more crucial as the globe struggles with issues like pollution, climate change, and the loss of natural resources. By boosting green skills/jobs, renewable energy, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and expanding access to clean water and sanitary facilities, India has made considerable strides toward sustainable development in recent years. Green […]

Udaan, investing in girls.

Higher education bridges the path from classroom to workplace, enabling learners to upgrade their skills and knowledge continuously. In India, while much attention is given to boys’ higher education, girls often face barriers to pursuing higher education due to factors such as lack of funds, motivation, and restrictive social and cultural norms. This results in […]

Equipping Minds, Erasing Divides: 21st-Century Skills and Gender Equity in Secondary Schools

The educational landscape in the twenty-first century is undergoing a revolutionary shift, emphasizing the development of abilities that equip students for the challenges of an ever-changing global society. Secondary education, in particular, is critical in developing young minds and cultivating the abilities required for success in the modern world. One key part of this paradigm […]

From Youth Leader To Public Service: Nandini’s Inspiring Story

Nandini recalls her involvement in ChildFund’s Youth Clubs as a pivotal moment in her life. Through active participation and leadership roles, she cultivated essential life skills, received mentorship, and engaged in initiatives aimed at driving impactful change in her community.     Born into a family with severe economic constraints, Nandini along with her siblings […]

Divya: An agent of social change

Divya understood better than most the power of education and its impact on a person’s life. Since her childhood, she was fascinated with books as they transported her to a world beyond her own. When she immersed herself in books, her imagination took her on adventures and discoveries, bringing her comfort. But in those moments, […]

From Basics to Brilliance: How India’s National Education Policy 2020 is Transforming Foundational Learning and Literacy

In a world that’s rapidly advancing through technological breakthroughs and dynamic shifts, where progress is marked by the relentless evolution of ideas, a country’s true strength doesn’t solely reside in its physical resources. Instead, it’s the intellect it cultivates, the minds it nurtures, that truly define its potential.   The National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) […]

Sona’s dreams to give back to the community

Sona*, 21 years of age, lives with her family in one of Firozabad’s identified slums in Uttar Pradesh. In this community, about 80% of the households are home-based bangle workers, it has been their livelihood for more than two hundred years and are the biggest manufacturers of glass bangles in the world. Sona and her […]

Every Community Needs a Vijay : From Small Steps to Big Impact

“Your job is very risky,’’ my family always keeps telling me.   “Every day I wake up with one aim, to prevent conflicts between humans and animals, to save more lives. Despite of all the risks, I am proud of what I do,’’ Vijay said to the ChildFund team with a smile.    Vijay’s job is not […]