Our Work

ChildFund India works towards ensuring that children belonging to communities facing marginalisation become able, confident, empathetic and responsible adults. For over seven decades, we have been committed to address critical issues related to children’s holistic development by engaging key stakeholders including families, communities, schools, government, and children. We provide comprehensive support to children through interventions that integrate health, nutrition, gender, education, livelihoods and child protection.

ChildFund India employs innovative and blended finance models that can drive efficiency and unlock new pools of capital to support underserved children and marginalized communities. As strategic public–private partnerships are crucial to achieve the outcomes envisaged through the SDGs, these models become excellent vehicles to demonstrate accountabilities, results and the change that we intend to achieve through our interventions.

Our Commitment Towards Sustainable Development Goals

ChildFund India contributes significantly to India’s commitment towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals. Its programs consistently focus on education, maternal and child health (including child mortality), partnership, HIV/AIDS and other diseases, eradication of poverty, gender equality, livelihoods, youth and women’s empowerment and building global partnership for developmental work.

Our approach is aligned with UN SDGs and are committed to the cause of leaving no child behind.

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